No global investor in this world can dare ignore China as an investment destination or opportunity. Though this investment buzz concerning China clearly is hyped, there are undeniable facts concerning China that just can’t be ignored. Some of these facts are that China is the 2nd largest economy in the world, on the Forbes list released this year it was noted that most newcomer billionaires originated or got their wealth from China, this clearly shows that China is awesome investment destination for any investor and also according to the World Bank as of 2012, China’s population is 1.3 billion, that is almost 20 percent of the world’s economy making it a good market for any investor dur to the large customer base it affords an investor.

Companies like Apple have the highest sales in China due to the large population. Internet giant and search engine Baidu is solemnly based in China but it can rival Google in net profit due to the high customer base it has in China. If you visit the website of Baidu, it is in Chinese language, this clearly shows that there target market is China. Baidu doesn’t have an English version of the search engine. The population of China only makes it an exquisite market place for an investor.

US fast food chains and brands like Yum, KFC, Taco Bell just to name a few have set up businesses in China and the Chinese people are loving it. China’s urban population now stands at 690 million people versus the 656 million people who live in the rural areas. Urbanization is what has led to the outstanding economic growth of China. 30 years is the time taken for population of China to be more urban than rural and it is expected that more people will be more urbanized in the next 20 years.

For an investor this should pose an awesome investment opportunity. This is because urbanization equals a lot of growth. The lifestyle change from agrarian lifestyle to a more urbanized and settled lifestyle poses magnificent investment opportunities. This is because cities and urban centers need to be built meaning growth in commerce, infrastructure and other services. It also means that economies will move to where individuals transform themselves to specialization from self-sustainability. This in the end fuels capitalism. For a person to practice specialization one needs education and as they all know that an educated society is a wealthy society. A wealthy society leads to improved quality of lie and in the end humanity is better off. This exactly shows why China is turning to be an excellent investment opportunity for an investor. During this whole process of urbanization, businesses sprout up. This offers tremendous wealth and capital creation for an investor and shareholder.

The fantastic thing about all of this is that China is socialistic country politically but economically it is a capitalistic country as the government headed by President Xi has been promoting investors to invest in the country while encouraging its people to invest out of the country. Taxes have been reduced. So for the next ten years or so, a global investor should be aligning himself or herself to tap into the 656 million people who are yet to be urbanized.


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