China is the 2nd largest economy in the world with many people becoming millionaires and billionaires. Forbes list for the richest billionaires in the world released this year had the most newcomer billionaires from china. This has translated to many Chinese having liquid cash to spend hence the boom of malls in China. Let’s see the biggest malls in China.

New Century Global Center, Chengdu

This is the biggest mall in the world even the famous Dubai mall can’t match this mall in terms of area square per feet it covers. Some of the excellent features in the mall are an IMAX theater, a water park, more than two thousand rooms, world class restaurants and hotels, world class barber shops and salons, KFC joints, apple shops among many other excellent shops.

For tourists who are in the main land of China, Chengdu New Century Global Center has become the mall for them. What makes this mall stand out is that it was designed to be like a town that is fully self-contained.

Once in the ‘town’, you will definitely notice the indoor beach area. If you have ever been to the Dubai mall and the New South China mall, then you will easily notice that this mall is twice the size of both the New South China Mall and the Dubai mall. Due to this, the revenue collected from this mall is twice that collected form the Dubai Mall.

IFC Mall, Hong Kong

This is another majestic mall in China being served by some of the best transport forms in the world like the famous bullet train. You can also find world class restaurants in the mall. 4 MTR lines meet underneath the mall. Some of the best and awesome stores and boutiques are also found in the mall. Over 200 boutiques can be found in the mall.

If you love luxurious goods and services, visit this mall as you will find shops selling top notch luxurious electronics, watches, jewelry and fashion. In China, IFC shopping mall is considered the perfect mall for tourists who want to do some luxury shopping. This is complemented with fine dining.

The mall overlooks the Victoria Harbor. The 2 Michelin starred restaurants make it astounding plus the rooftop bars and cafes. Due to it being the perfect place for luxurious shopping in the whole of China, the revenue collected from this mall trounces any other mall in the world.

Landmark Mall, HK

For lovers of fashion look no more for another mall to shop the latest fashionable clothes in the whole of China. It is top fashion mall in Hong Kong. Most of the shops in the mall deal in luxurious fashion clothes.

Some of the luxury fashion brands in the mall include Vivienne Tam, Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs, Polo, Tiffany & Co, Gucci, Loui Vuitton among many others. It has ample parking places that can accommodate more than 1000 cars. The mall revenue is not that high compared to the first two malls above though it collects revenue that can finance the budget of a country like Zimbabwe.


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